# AutocompleteList

Class: Code16\Sharp\Form\Fields\SharpFormAutocompleteListField

This one is seems a little strange. The goal is to build a List with only one field in each item, an Autocomplete.

First let's see a use case: imagine you want to handle a list of winners by selecting them in a big list of Players, for which an remote Autocomplete is the best choice (otherwise you could have opted for a Tags Field).

You can in fact define the list as this:

            SharpFormAutocompleteField::make("item", "remote")


The key of the Autocomplete, item here, could be anything you want, as soon you stay consistent in the buildFormLayout() part.

But why can't we use a classic List for this? Well, the model->winners relation is N-N, here (belongsToMany), but Lists are meant to handle 1-N relationships (hasMany). Here we want one field, the Autocomplete, to represent the whole item object.

# Configuration

Configuration is the same as the classic List, except for:

# setItemField(SharpFormAutocompleteField $field)

You can use this function instead of addItemField, since items of AutocompleteList have only one field.

# addItemField(SharpFormField $field)

This method is an alias for setItemField(), meaning that you can only pass an Autocomplete, and it can only be called once.

# Formatter

# toFront

Well, you must provide an array or Collection (same as for a List, see related documentation) of models with at least attributes designated by templates for the Autocomplete (see related documentation).

# formFront

Returns the selected item id.