Using SingleForm for unique resources

Sometimes you will need to configure a "unique" resource that does not fit into a List / Form schema, like for example an account, or a configuration item. SingleForms are the natural companions for SingleShows, documented here.

Write the class

Instead of extending SharpForm, our SingleForm implementation should extend Code16\Sharp\Form\SharpSingleForm. We still have to implement buildFormFields(FieldsContainer $formFields) and buildFormLayout(FormLayout $formLayout) to declare the fields presenting the instance, but other methods are a bit different. First, find() and update() don't need any $instanceId parameter:

  • findSingle(): array
  • updateSingle(array $data)

And then, since SingleForms will not accept store and delete actions, related methods are unavailable.

Full example

Let's write a SingleForm for the current User, where he can update its name and email (using WithSharpFormEloquentUpdater here as this example uses Eloquent):

class AccountSharpForm extends SharpSingleForm
    use WithSharpFormEloquentUpdater;

    function buildFormFields(FieldsContainer $formFields): void
                    ->setLabel("Email address")

    function buildFormLayout(FormLayout $formLayout): void
        $formLayout->addColumn(6, function($column) {
            return $column

    protected function findSingle()
        return $this->transform(

    protected function updateSingle(array $data)

How to declare it?

Like said before, SingleForms will only work in pair with a SingleShow; please refer to this documentation to find out how to declare a single show and form in the sharp config file.

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