# Date

Class: Code16\Sharp\Form\Fields\SharpFormDateField


# Configuration

# setHasDate($hasDate = true)

Let the user enter a date (default is true).

# setHasTime($hasTime = true)

Let the user enter a time (default is false).

# setMondayFirst(bool $mondayFirst = true)

Put monday as the first day in the calendar (default: false).

# setSundayFirst(bool $sundayFirst = true)

Put sunday as the first day in the calendar (default: true).

# setMinTime(int $hours, int $minutes = 0)

# setMaxTime(int $hours, int $minutes = 0)

If set, the time-chooser will be constraint as defined.

# setStepTime(int $step)

Set a time step (in minutes) for the time-chooser. Default is 30.

# setDisplayFormat(string $displayFormat)

Set the date / time display format in the field, as defined by moment.js (opens new window). Default is YYYY-MM-DD.

# Formatter

  • toFront: accept either a Carbon instance, a DateTime instance of a "Y-m-d H:i:s" string.
  • fromFront: return a "Y-m-d H:i:s" string.