Class: Code16\Sharp\Show\Fields\SharpShowFileField

The purpose of this field is to present a downloadable file to the user.



Set the field label.

setStorageDisk(string $storageDisk)

Declare the file storage disk (as configured in Laravel's config/filesystem.php config file).

setStorageBasePath(string $storageBasePath)

Declare the destination base storage path.

You can use the {id} special placeholder to declare the instance id in the path, which can be useful sometimes. For instance: $field->setStorageBasePath('/users/{id}/avatar')


Sharp expects an array with 3 keys:

    "name" => "", // Relative file path
    "thumbnail" => "", // 1000px w * 400px h thumbnail full url
    "size" => x, // Size in bytes

I you are using Sharp solution for uploads, meaning the SharpUploadModel class detailed here, you can simply call the built-in transformer:

$this->setCustomTransformer("file", new SharpUploadModelFormAttributeTransformer());

This transformer allows to act a bit n the thumbnail creation part, see its constructor for more details.

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