Style & Visual Theme

Custom colors

In Sharp 6, the primary color is customisable. It changes the header + buttons color. Although every hue works well, too light colors aren't supported (e.g. works well with tailwind colorsopen in new window >= 600).

// config/sharp.php

'theme' => [
    'primary_color' => "#004D40"

Login and menu logos

By default, the config('') is displayed on the login page and on top of the menu. You can if you wish display images instead: Sharp will look for PNGs named login-icon.png and menu-icon.png, in a /public/sharp-assets/ directory. Note that :

  • login-icon.png is limited to 200 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height,
  • and menu-icon.png must fit in 150 pixels in width and 50 pixels in height.

If you need to configure the image files URLs, you can do it with this config:

// config/sharp.php

"theme" => [
    "primary_color" => ...,
    "logo_urls" => [
        "menu" => "/sharp/subdir/my-custom-menu-icon.png",
        "login" => "/sharp/subdir/my-custom-login-icon.png",

Display a custom message on login page

You can display a custom content under the form on login page:

Example of a custom message on login

You'll need to create a new template file:

<!-- resources/views/sharp/_login-page-message.blade.php -->

<div class="alert alert-info">
    Display a custom message to your users

And then you'll need to define the path to this custom blade in the config/sharp.php config file:

// config/sharp.php

"login_page_message_blade_path" => "sharp/_login-page-message",


You can define an URL for a favicon that Sharp will use in the config:

// config/sharp.php

"theme" => [
    "favicon_url" => "/sharp-img/favicon.png",

Injecting Assets

You may globally inject custom CSS files after the Sharp assets by defining their paths in the config/sharp.php config file.

// config/sharp.php

"extensions" => [
   "assets" => [
      "strategy" => "raw",
      "head"     => [
         "/css/inject.css", // Outputs <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/inject.css"> after sharp assets

// ...

The comment next to the item within the head position show how the output would appear in the HTML.


The strategy defines how the asset path will be rendered

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