Create links to an entity

You may need to create a link to an entity, either to an EntityList, a Show or a Form.


Depending on your target, you'll want to use either:

  • Code16\Sharp\Utils\Links\LinkToEntityList
  • Code16\Sharp\Utils\Links\LinkToForm
  • Code16\Sharp\Utils\Links\LinkToShowPage
  • Code16\Sharp\Utils\Links\LinkToSingleShowPage
  • Code16\Sharp\Utils\Links\LinkToSingleForm

To create an instance, use the static make method, which may take one or two arguments:

  • For LinkToEntityList, LinkToSingleShowPage and LinkToSingleForm: ::make($entityKey)
  • For LinkToForm and LinkToShowPage: ::make($entityKey, $instanceId)

This can be use for instance in a custom transformer of an EntityList column; imagine we want to list the pilots of a spaceship in a column, and link each one to its form:

// In an EntityList:

function getListData(EntityListQueryParams $params)

    return $this
        ->setCustomTransformer("pilots", function($pilots, $spaceship) {
            return $spaceship->pilots->map(function($pilot) {
                return LinkToForm::make("pilot", $pilot->id)
                    ->renderAsText($pilot->name); // This will render a full <a...> tag

URL use case

Sometimes you'll only need the URL, and not the <a> tag: call $link->renderAsUrl() in this case.

Common methods

renderAsText(string $text)

Render the link as a <a> tag.


Render the link as an URL (string).

setTooltip(string $toltip)

Set a link tooltip (only when rendered as link).

Methods of LinkToEntityList

setSearch(string $searchText)

Set a search text.

addFilter(string $filterFullClassNameOrKey, string $value)

Set a filter and its value; for the filter, you can either pass its custom key or (more conveniently) its full class name.

setSort(string $attribute, $dir = 'asc')

Set a default sort.

setFullQuerystring(array $querystring)

To manually build the querystring (which you should avoid).

Methods of LinkToForm

throughShowPage($throughShowPage = true)

To generate a list > show > form breadcrumb, instead of (by default) just a list > form.

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