# List

Class: Code16\Sharp\Show\Fields\SharpShowListField

This field is very similar to the [../form-fields/list.md](Form's File field), and its purpose is to display items made of other Show fields.

Here's an example, for a list of pictures with a legend:

function buildShowFields()
            ->setLabel("additional pictures")

# Configuration

# setLabel()

Set the field label.

# addItemField(SharpShowField $field)

Add a SharpShowField in the item.

# Layout

The List item layout must be defined like the show itself, in the buildShowLayout() function. The item layout is managed as a column, with a ShowLayoutColumn object. To link the column and the item, use the classic withSingleField() function with a second argument, a Closure accepting a ShowLayoutColumn.


$this->addColumn(6, function(ShowLayoutColumn $column) {
     $column->withSingleField("pieces", function(ShowLayoutColumn $listItem) {

# Formatter

The Formatter expects an array or a Collection of models, each one defining attributes for each list item keys at the format expected by the corresponding Field Formatter.