Testing with Sharp

Sharp provides a few assertions and helpers to help you test your Sharp code.

The SharpAssertions trait

The Code16\Sharp\Utils\Testing\SharpAssertions trait is intended to be used in a Feature test. It has to be initialized, like this:

protected function setUp()



First, the trait adds a few helpers:


Logs in the given user as a Sharp user.

getSharpForm(string $entityKey, $instanceId = null)

Call the Sharp API to display the form for the Entity $entityKey. If $instanceId is provided, it will be an update form, and otherwise a create one.

updateSharpForm(string $entityKey, $instanceId, array $data)

Call the Sharp API to update the Entity $entityKey of id $instanceId, with $data.

storeSharpForm(string $entityKey, array $data)

Call the Sharp API to store a new Entity $entityKey with $data.

callSharpEntityCommandFromList(string $entityKey, string $commandKeyOrClassName, array $data)

Call the $commandKeyOrClassName Entity Command with the optional $data.

callSharpInstanceCommandFromList(string $entityKey, $instanceId, string $commandKeyOrClassName, array $data)

Call the $commandKeyOrClassName Instance Command with the optional $data.

callSharpInstanceCommandFromShow(string $entityKey, $instanceId, string $commandKeyOrClassName, array $data)

Call the $commandKeyOrClassName Instance Command with the optional $data.

withSharpCurrentBreadcrumb(array $breadcrumb): self

It can be useful to fake a Sharp context before calling a Sharp endpoint, and that's the purpose of this method; $breadcrumb is an array of arrays, each one containing, in this order:

  • a Sharp page type: "list", "show" or "form"
  • an entityKey
  • (optional) an instanceId

For instance:

            ["list", "trees"],
            ["show", "trees", 8],
            ["show", "leaves", 16],
            ["form", "leaves", 16],


You can use regular assertions, for instance:

        array_merge($order->toArray(), [
            "client" => "test",
            "payment_delay" => 10

But sometimes you'll want to test some specific Sharp things. Here's the list of custom assertions added by the SharpAssertions trait:




$this->getSharpForm("orders", $order->id)



           "number", "client"

assertSharpFormHasFieldOfType($name, $formFieldClassName)


$this->getSharpForm("orders", $order->id)
         "number", SharpFormTextField::class

assertSharpFormDataEquals($name, $value)


$this->getSharpForm("orders", $order->id)
     ->assertSharpFormDataEquals("number", $order->number);
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